Elaine White Homes

As with other real estate clients, we began working with Elaine White Homes to create a comprehensive content marketing plan that would effectively utilize digital channels and increase the exposure for her business. Elaine was interested in developing a robust website and meaningful online presence that included an active social component that would reflect her status as a premier Flower Mound real estate agent. While Elaine has been active on Facebook, she had not made the transition to utilizing a Facebook Business page, or participate in paid social promotion.

When we began working with Elaine we wanted to make sure that her digital channels reflected her personality. A major component of this involved the use of imagery that aligned with Elaine’s taste and style. We worked closely with Elaine to identify the style of images she wanted included on her site and what best represented her brand. She was great to work with, and had significant input in what she wanted her site to look like. She was tasked with sending us examples of images and color schemes that she liked, which we used as a starting point in creating her content.


The content strategy is a fluid and organic approach that is largely focused on updating and refining the content that she has used on her old websites. While we moved the existing content to her new website, we focused on optimizing the original content with a plan to continuously update and refine the content to create a valuable source of information for her site visitors.

Elaine’s social presence is focused on providing valuable real estate content to her Facebook audience, and also highlights the communities she serves. After discussing the social strategy, we determined that the messaging would not be focused on hard sells, but would be focused on sharing specific information to targeted audiences. The goal is to engage a local audience on a daily basis by sharing timely and relevant content to her followers, and provide industry specific insights.


Working with Elaine has been a privilege, and has been an excellent example of client collaboration.

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