Browder Property Investments, LLC

Browder Property Investments, LLC

Browder Property Investments, LLC is a Dallas/Fort Worth real estate investing company that needed a full digital package including a new website and social media management. The goal was to create a digital presence that would allow the company to share available listings and serve as a lead generation tool to acquire properties.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 1.08.28 PM

Since the site was a local small business, we were able to develop a self-hosted site that allowed for a number of plugins for optimization and customization. The client also needed custom email accounts and accessible analytics. These were all set up using G-Suite and Google Analytics, which allows the flexibility and customization for small businesses, and offers an affordable and scalable solution.

Since the creation of the site, we have run multiple social campaigns for real estate listings, and have seen an overall increase in referrals and traffic. The client did not want to focus on a comprehensive content marketing campaign, but instead uses the site as an advertising platform.

In Q4 2017 Browder Property Investments, LLC engage BBM to begin an online lead generation campaign using Facebook ads and Adwords campaigns. We were able to generate quality real estate leads using advanced targeting and audience segmentation. We also implemented an email marketing strategy that has averaged a 55% increase over industry benchmarks for real estate email.

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