Jeff Kramer Team

Jeff Kramer | Dallas/Fort Worth Residential Mortgage Lender | Mortgage Lender Website

Jeff Kramer is a Dallas/Fort Worth residential mortgage lender who specializes in veteran home loans, first time homebuyers and self-employed mortgage borrowers, and was looking to create a digital presence that would reflect his expertise in the DFW real estate market. His campaign included the creation of a custom website with a focus on responsive design and content optimization on mortgage related keywords. As part of his digital marketing strategy, he wanted to create a website that featured robust content that highlighted his service offerings to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This meant the creation and optimization of a number of pages that featured a significant amount of industry-specific content that was created with his target audience in mind. Jeff wanted to promote his suite of mortgage industry specific tools and resources to potential and existing clients.

Jeff Kramer | Veteran Mortgage Loan Specialist

In addition to his website, Jeff also tasked Browder Brand Management, LLC with creating a Jeff Kramer Team Facebook business page that would be used to communicate directly with his audience.

Jeff Kramer | Highlands Residential Mortgage | Facebook Page

Browder Brand Management, LLC will be working with Jeff over the coming months to implement a content strategy that includes social campaigns and a blog creation strategy to support ongoing SEO efforts. Jeff has also elected to participate in a local link building strategy to generate highly localized traffic to his various web properties. This included the creation of a number of web 2.0 properties that would be strategically connected across channels.

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