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Bailey Browder

Bailey Browder, Director of Digital OperationsDirector of Digital Operations

Bailey is a firm believer in trying new things, and that “I can’t” is never an option. He really enjoys pushing the limits with digital strategy and marketing tactics, and loves getting people to step out of their comfort zone. He holds a Master of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication and has a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in Marketing and Public Relations. He is experienced in digital marketing specializing in social and content marketing strategies, and has won awards for his digital projects, including Outstanding Graduate Capstone Award for his graduate research at The University of Texas at Dallas.

Bailey wants to try new approaches to marketing and digital communications, which is why some of the projects on are all over the place. The world is an awesome place to experiment, and you’re not truly being innovative until you break something.

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Robert Hinson, CPA

Director of Financerobert-headshot

Robert is in charge of effectively running BrowderBrand – and is also tasked with keeping Bailey from agreeing to work for cupcakes* – Robert has extensive experience in accounting, and holds an MBA from Angelo State University. His creative approach to financial management, and his background as a certified public accountant allow BrowderBrand to work with small businesses to create viable marketing solutions.

Robert has a passion for business, and an attention to detail that ensures nothing is overlooked during initial consultation and strategy development. He is responsible for all of the administrative functions of BrowderBrand, and is the brains behind our client consultation and customized pricing structure.

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*Disclaimer – we will NOT work for cupcakes, even though they’re delicious.

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