Bro2Beast Challenge


The Bro2Beast Challenge is more of a pet project than actual client work, but has given us the opportunity to get creative with content creation. While outlining our 2017 plan, we decided that we wanted to give ourselves a fun and creative outlet.

The Challenge came up as we were brainstorming on some ideas on a creative website that would include a variety of content types including blogs, video, graphic, and musical components. We wanted to develop a plan that would keep us engaged throughout the year, so we added some components to the challenge that would keep things entertaining and competitive.

The Bro2Beast Challenge is a year long fitness challenge between Bailey and Jared that will include monthly challenges to measure fitness improvements. Throughout the challenge we will have bigger quarterly challenges and an end of year challenge that will be the culmination of our efforts. To keep things interesting we’ve set some pretty high stakes, including community service challenges for the monthly and quarterly challenges, and have agreed that the loser of the year long challenge will donate $1,000 do the charity of the winner’s choice.

Throughout the year we will both be writing weekly blogs and making videos to monitor our progress and share with the public. We have created a website and social media channels to increase engagement and hopefully generate some public interest. Follow along with our progress on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and

All of the content on is created in-house, including videos, music, and graphics.

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