CollabroScope – Brainstorm with the World.

CollabroScope is a project that began as a graduate assignment that combines the live streaming video capabilities of Periscope with the mass broadcast strength of Twitter.

Users can use #CollabroScope in their Periscope titles and share their ideas to brainstorm with the world.

Follow @CollabroScope on Twitter to start brainstorming with the world today.

How it works

  1. Follow @CollabroScope on Twitter
  2. Use the hashtag #CollabroScope in your Periscope videos
  3. Brainstorm with the world

Change starts with an idea. CollabroScope is a place for people to share their ideas, or work to find solutions. The intent isn’t to solicit free advice or vent about your life (although feel free to use it however you’d like), but it is about connecting people.

There are a lot of sites and forums that can connect like-minded people to collaborate, but sometimes you may not know where to start. I’ve found myself in many circumstances where I don’t even know the correct term to Google, because I only have the beginning of an idea and no real knowledge of the industry or skills needed. CollabroScope can help bridge this gap. Use #CollabroScope in the title of your Periscope broadcasts, and write a short description of what you’re working on or talking about. People with similar interest will follow your broadcast and provide input and feedback. They might even be able to point you in the right direction to making your idea or dream happen.

I’ve heard people say “It’s not about what you know, but who you know,” and CollabroScope wants to introduce you to the world.

This is a dynamic and fluid project, so it may look completely different a few months from now. Right now the goal is to simply connect people. Maybe something awesome will come from it, or maybe it will just be a couple of people sitting around talking about cat videos. Either way, we can say we tried to do something cool.

Special thanks to Santosh and Subbu for the help with getting this project up and running. Just getting this project off the ground is the best example of the power of collaboration.

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